I can make a difference


We are proud to be a part of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada 

that brings members together from every province and territory, from 

all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, with a common purpose 

to serve God and Canada.

Why  join

Are you called to advocate for human rights and social justice?

Are you searching for something worthwhile that makes the best use of your time and talents?

Would you like to join women in an organization that can foster and celebrate your Catholic faith?

Do you want to join on organization that recognizes and celebrates healthy family life? 

You can make a difference. Find out why the time is right to add your voice to the largest lobbying voice for women in Canada

Come, join us
About Us

We are women of all backgrounds, ages 16 to over 90, wishing to serve God and Canada, seeking "faith, fun and fulfillment" together. 

Life is a series of new beginnings; make the CWL a priority in your life

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Current Initiatives
Donations to different organizations

Through the year (Harvest Project, St Vincent de Paul, Matercare International, Paul Sugar Palliative, Covenant House, Pro Life Society, NET, Domestic Abuse Services – Our Lady of Good Council. 

Sandwich/baking preparation for charities

In support of Men’s Hostel Ministry.

Funeral receptions

Service we offer to our parish.

Prayer Group

A prayer group needs people committed to praying together. We invite you to share your prayer needs and as a group, offer prayers of praise, petition and thanksgiving to God.  

*Contact us to know more about it.

Soup and Silence

Initiative to offer meal during Lent every Friday at Holy Trinity Parish prior to Stations of the Cross.

Christmas tree at Dundarave Pier

In support of the Lookout Foundation and North Vancouver Homeless Shelter 

Monthly general meetings

On the first Monday of every month  - from 7 to 9 pm 

Come join us for some fellowship, joy, prayer and meeting to see what we do as a league. Join your fellow sisters in helping others through acts of charity, fundraising and parish activities while we spread the word of God and support each other spiritually in our every day life and tasks.



Loving Father, open our hearts to your infinite love for all people, and to your presence with us wherever we go in your name. 

Lord Jesus, deepen the spiritual life of the Catholic Women’s League. 

Strengthen the faith and good works of our members, building-up life in the world by being Catholic and Living It! May we imitate you with works of mercy, welcoming the forgotten, suffering or vulnerable wherever we encounter them.

Holy Spirit, strengthen us to live our faith, witnessing to life, peace and social justice daily wherever we are in Canada.

 Through the intercession of Our Lady of Good Counsel, may we be joyful and responsive to our Christian calling, by truly being Catholic and Living It! 

We make this prayer through Jesus, our Teacher and Messiah, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. 


CWL National theme for 2021-2023